Membership is open to all registered Republican women who support
the mission of DCCRW.  We have recently opened our membership to
Republican men who also support our Mission under a special
"Sustaining Membership".

Our Mission is to support and strengthen the Republican Party and to
advance women in political knowledge and political activity.  We do this
through networking at the local, county, state and national level with other
Republican Women and Party Leaders.

We also participate in many interesting and entertaining activities such
as Red Jacket at the Capitol, Conferences, Conventions and informative
regular meetings.  A foundation of our organization is to work for and
support our Republican Candidates.

Membership shall be of three (3) Classes:          

Section 1.  
Regular Primary Member - Any woman who is a
Registered Republican voter and who chooses and declares our Council
as her "Primary Council", shall be eligible for membership with full voting
powers upon the timely payment of our Council's dues.  A Regular
Member shall be eligible to hold office.

Section 2.  
Associate Member - Any woman, regardless of her
residency, who is a Registered Republican voter and who is a primary
member of another Council shall also be eligible for membership with full
voting privileges upon the required timely payment of our Council’s
dues.  These members will only be counted once (by their designated
Primary Council) to determine delegate and membership numbers for
voting at the State or National Conventions. An Associate Member is not
eligible to hold office unless she pays full membership dues and
transfers her Primary membership from the other Council.

Section 3.  
Sustaining Member – Any man who is a Registered
Republican Voter and supports the objectives and mission of the
Dauphin County Council of Republican Women is invited to join as a
Sustaining member.  A Sustaining member will have no vote or eligibility
to hold office but will receive newsletters and updates regarding Council