Dear Fellow Republican Women,

Welcome to the website for the Dauphin County Council
of Republican Women. It is our hope that we can assist
you in keeping up to date with events happening within
the Republican Party. We will do our best to keep this
site fresh and up to date in an effort to be a resource
for information that will be helpful, informative and

Thank you for stopping by the website, I hope you will
come back soon and check for updates.

Marilyn Dowling
President DCCRW
Dauphin County
Council of Republican Women
Dear Fellow Republicans:
The fall election cycle is upon us!  Nov. 4th is Election
Day and it is more important than ever to get out and
vote!  Our Republican candidates are hard at work
campaigning and working for the residents of Dauphin
County and Pennsylvania.  We MUST not sit by and let
this election pass without making an effort to vote.  
These candidates are working hard, spending their
money and doing everything they can to get elected to
their respective offices.  Just because there may be a
candidate on the ballot that you do not support, don't
forget the other candidates who are counting on your
support and need you to vote.  They deserve a chance
to represent us. Please do not think it doesn't matter, IT
DOES.  Exercise your right, duty and responsibility and
VOTE.  If you need a voter registration form or an
absentee ballot, contact me or your State
Representative, courthouse or other legislators and get
one now.  You have until October 6th to register to vote
and until October 31 for the Board of Elections to
receive your absentee ballot.

Do not neglect your duty-- VOTE!

Marilyn Dowling,
President DCCRW

(c) 2012 Dauphin County Council of Republican Women